Prevencia - ročník 2014 /EN

Content 4 / 2014


Theoretical articles

Dott. Lívia Kvašná, PhD.: Integrated approach to the diagnostic process in ADHD


Articles based on survey, research and analysis

RNDr. Mária Slovíková, CSc.: Truancy at primary and secondary schools

Mgr. Štefánia Ferková, PhD.: Experience with the use of an influence program aimed at eliminating risk behavior at school

PhDr.  Viera Hudečková, PhD.: Resilience in daily practice

Mgr. Mária Janková: Evaluation of the prevention program “Cesta” (Path) in the school year 2013/2014


Informative articles

PhDr. Eva Smiková, PhD.: Conference - Child at risk XXIII.

Mgr. Alena Molčanová: Partnership between parents and professionals - project report



Prof. PhDr. Miron Zelina, DrSc.: Character - contribution to the development of moral literacy - review of publication

Content  3  / 2014



  1. PhDr. Mário Dulovics, PhD.: Responsibilities of teachers – coordinators of prevention of socio-pathological phenomena at schools  – analysis of empirical findings

  2. PhDr. Marianna Pétiová, PhD.: Truancy in primary and secondary schools from the point of view of headmasters

  3. Mgr. Veronika Homolková: Possibilities for developing the potential of gifted students in an enriched education

  4. PhDr. Marianna Šramková, PhD.: Sources of social support for the university students

  5. RNDr. Mária Slovíková, CSc.: Recent information about selected activities in centres for educational-psychological counselling and prevention

  6. Dott. Lívia Kvašná,PhD.: A comprehensive model of integrated approach to child diagnosed with ADHD



  1. PhDr. Eva Tomková, PaedDr. Mariana Páleníková: Health promotion in the regional schools

  2. PhDr. Viera Hudečková, PhD.: Conference  Crossroad  VI - „Regulation and self- regulation in the re-education”

Content  1-2  / 2014


Articles from exploration, research and analysis

  1. PhDr. Elena Diechová: Drug addiction in school environment in primary and secondary schools

  2. PhDr. Jaroslav Rakučák, DiS.: Primary prevention project in primary and lower secondary schools in  Ružomberok

  3. Mgr. et. Mgr. Kristína Račková, PhD.: Drug prevention in schools in region of Trenčín

  4. Mgr. Mária Janková: Evaluation of the preventive program called “Cesta” (Track), which was executed in the school year 2012/2013

  5. Mgr. Lucia Bednárová: The issue of social connections in socially disadvantaged environment

  6. Mgr. Zuzana Urbanová: Alternating custody of the child after divorce, analysis of experienc

  7. PhDr. Štefan Matula, PhD., Mgr. Martina Slovíková, Mgr. Paulína Nekorancová: The incidence of pupils with behavioral problems and special educational needs in primary schools


Informational articles

  1. PhDr. Eva Smiková, PhD.: Training of coordinators for the practical application of the program FreD

  2. Mgr. Peter Fudaly. PhD.: Program ART ®  - a chance for students to manage aggression
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