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Prof. PhDr. Miron Zelina DrSc. :  Prevention - state of art and challenges.


Doc. PhDr. Albín Škoviera, PhD.: Helping professions experts - school services or services for schools?

RNDr. Mária Slovíková, CSc.: Prevention activities in centres for educational-psychological counselling and prevention in the school year 2011/2012.

Mgr. Marcela Bieliková: Human rights violations in schools and proposals for solution.

Mgr. Martina Slovíková: Implementation of multicultural education from the point of view of teachers.

Mgr. Štefánia Ferková, PhD: Intentional self- mutilation – characteristics and reasons.



PhDr. Eva Smiková PhD.: Conference „Child at risk XXII“.

PhDr. Alena Kopányiová PhD.: First international conference in the framework of national project  „Innovative Technologies in  early prevention in counselling systems and prevention programmes“.

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PhDr. Linda Katona : The Family as a risk factor of drug dependence


RNDr. Mária Slovíková, CSc.:  Unexplained absences hours in secondary school students in 2012.

PhDr. Mário Dulovics, PhD.: Projection of professional competencies of school social pedagogues in direct work with children.

Mgr. Martina Slovíková: Way to Emotional Maturity – evaluation of the preventive programme in the year 2011/2012.

PhDr. Marianna Šramková, PhD., Bc. Stanislava Tirpáková: Dependence telephony.

Mgr. Denisa Rovenská; Mgr. Miriam Slavkovská, PhD.: Selected personality characteristics of users of online social networks.

Mgr. Anna Semanová, Mgr. Jarmila Žolnová, PhD.: Initiation rituals in re-education centres.



PhDr. Eva Tomková: Workshop in Donovaly – information.

PhDr. Eva Tomková: Information on workshop in Kežmarské Žľaby.



Lujza Koldeová: Rewards and punishments in the educational process. Bratislava: Univerzita Komenského 2013. 106 pages. ISBN 978-80-223-3339-9 (Albín Škoviera)

Michaela Matisová: Options to combat misuse of modern technical means by pulins in primary and secondary schools. Banská Bystrica: 2012, 107s. ISBN 978-80-557-0423-4 (Simona Sámelová)

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Theoretical articles

1.      Mgr. Stanislava Batunová: Restless child or a child diagnosed with ADHD?

             The role of the access parent does not change.


 Articles of survey, research and analysis

2.      Mgr. Mária Janková: A survey of opinions on human rights education in primary and secondary schools.

3.      Mgr. Zuzana Nováková: A study on the prevalence of risk behaviors of children and youth in comparison to the implementation of evaluation of the effectiveness of prevention interventions in Slovakia.

4.      RNDr. Mária Slovíková,CSc.: Behavior problems in elementary and secondary schools.

5.      PhDr. Marianna Šramková, PhD.: Cyberbullying from the perspective of teenagers.

6.      PhDr. Marianna Pétiová, PhD.:  Consumption of licit and illicit drugs among primary school pupils


Practical and methodological contributions

7.      Mgr. Veronika Homolková: Prevention of passivity or motivational games not only for gifted children

8.      Mgr. Petra Janeková.: Creative scrapbook for children.


Informational articles

9. Mgr. Štefánia Petreková: Say No to Drugs


10.  DULOVICS, M.: The risk of media addiction in primary and secondary schools and the possibilities of preventing aspect of social pedagogist. Banská Bystrica : Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Mateja Bela, 2012. (PhDr. Michaela Matisová)

11.  Lucia Kamarášová: Current problems in the implementation of primary prevention of socio - pathological phenomena in schools. Banská Bystrica: 2012, 135s. ISBN 978-80-557-0503 (Simona Sámelová)

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