Prevencia - ročník 2010 /EN

Contenet 4/2010

Survey, research and analysis articles

1)      PaedDr. Silvia Szabadosová, PhD., Prof. PhDr. Miron Zelina, DrSc.: School and inappropriate behaviour of pupils

2)      Mgr. Marcela Bieliková, RNDr. Mária Slovíková, CSc.: Education and implementation of human rights as seen by primary and secondary school pupils

3)      Mgr. Kamil Janiš: Utilization of fairy tales in primary prevention of social pathologic phenomena and dangerous behaviour 

4)      Mgr. Martina Slovíková.: Violent TV contents and a need for media education

5)      PaedDr. Dorota Smetanová, PhD. „I don’t inject, I do click“ Facebook phenomenon

6)      RNDr. Mária Slovíková, CSc, Mgr. Ján Herich: Truancy among primary and secondary school pupils in the school year 2008/2009

7)      Doc. PhDr. Alojz Nociar, CSc: Comparison of primary and secondary school teachers in 1994-2010, and prevention co-ordinators in 1998-2010: TAD3 survey


 Informative articles


8)      Doc. PhDr. Albín Škoviera: Inspiring methodical material from the Czech Republic

 9)      PhDr.Viera Hudečková: The Crossroads II conference „School or education?“




10)  Composite book from the scientific conference Resilience and new approaches to upbringing and education,  Bratislava, Comenius Universitz 2009, 153 s. ISBN 978-80-223-2729-9 (Zuzana Murínová)

Contenet 3/2010

Theoretical articles


1)      Mgr. Martin Kuruc: Self-regulation and theory of self-determination

2)      Mgr. Miroslava Adamík Šimegová PhD.: School psychologist and its place in the upbringing and education of primary school pupils


Survey, research and analysis articles


3)      RNDr. Mária Slovíková, CSc, PhDr. Marianna Pétiová, PhD.: Licit and illicit drug use  among young people in the Slovak Republic

4)      Mgr. Petra Bomová: Prevention of behavioural disorders in school environment

5)      Mgr. Gabriela Leskovjanská, PhD.: What educational approaches use parents of children with s behavioural disorders and emotional problems?

6)      RNDr. Mária Slovíková, CSc, Mgr. Mária Janková: Occurrence of truancy among pupils from secondary schools in the Slovak Republic

7)      PhDr.: Katarína Bradová: Occurrence of truancy in secondary schools

8)      Mgr. Tatiana Bányaiová, Mgr. Lýdia Begerová, Mgr. Eva Trojčáková: Survey of watching television, utilization of personal computer and mobile phone by primary schools pupils in Košice-surroundings


Informative articles


9)      Mgr. Zuzana Murínová: International scientific conference „The culture of school and educational facilities“




10)   Prof.PhDr.Ján Grác,DrSc.: Chapters from Educational Psychology. TYPI Universitatis Trnaviensis,   ISBN 978-80-8082-234-7 (doc. PhDr. Eva Gajdošová, PhD.)


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