National Infrastructure for Supporting Technology Transfer in Slovakia - NITT SK – national project

Project co-funded by:                   European Regional Development Fund
Operational Programme:               Research and Development
Duration:                                     June 2010 – December 2014
Budget:                                       €8,234 571.17

Strategic goal

The creation and implementation of a national infrastructure to support the technology transfer resulting from research and development in economic and social practices. The national system will support those R&D activities that respond to the needs of the business sector. As a consequence, an increased number of achievements in R&D and innovation and technologies will be put into practice. The project will facilitate the creation of long-term partnerships between the academic and business sectors and will contribute to the sustainable development of the whole of society.

The Technology Transfer Centre will be established at the SCSTI to ensure that the support for technology transfer is systematic at the national level. As part of the National System for Supporting Technology Transfer (NSPTT), the National Portal for Technology Transfer - NPTT is operated within the framework of the national project implementation. The NPTT is a website where all the important ongoing information in technology transfer in Slovakia can be found and it is also the site from which expert support services, relating to the process of technology transfer provided to academic and research organisations, can be accessed.

Activities and services provided:

  • Raising awareness of intellectual property and technology transfer,
  • Promotion of Slovak R&D organisations, their focus and results,
  • Support for the scientific community in the process of intellectual property protection and technology transfer,
  • Promotion of outcomes from R&D and seeking partners for commercialisation,
  • Advice and consultancy in negotiations with business partners and with licence agreements,
  • Methodological assistance in establishing TTCs at universities and R&D institutions,
  • Introduction and operation of an integrated system of auxiliary ICT services for R&D and technology transfer,
  • Acquisition and provision of access to specialised electronic information resources and literature,
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops,
  • Introduction, administration and cooperation of the National Portal for Technology Transfer website.
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