National Information System for Supporting Research and Development in Slovakia – Access to Electronic Information Resources (NISPEZ) - national project

Project co-funded by:                European Regional Development Fund 
Operational Programme:            Research and Development
uration:                                  December 2008 – June 2014
Budget:                                    19, 881 676.23

The strategic goal of the national project is to implement an effective system for information support for research and development in Slovakia. This information system is based on electronic information resources and its effectiveness is achieved by tools for the management and administration of electronic resources. Created within the framework of the project, are a database of Slovak electronic resources for R&D and SK CRIS, a new R&D information system in compliance with European standards.

The SK CRIS system contains a database designed in compliance with European standards (CERIF data format). It collects, stores and maintains data on research projects funded from public sources, data on research project outputs and a register of R&D organisations and database of research personnel. Part of the system is administration of the evaluation of an organisation in respect of its competence to conduct R&D and statistical monitoring of the organisation’s potential for R&D.

Academics involved in R&D can access sixteen database collections from producers with an international reputation. Efficient retrieval in these databases, some of which are by licence only, while others are free, and processing of the information is facilitated by, a R&D search portal. This portal provides users with an additional service which directs the user to other articles relevant to the retrieved article. A report on how effectively the electronic information resources for R&D were used in the previous year is issued on an annual basis.

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