Infrastructure for Research and Development – Data Centre for Research and Development (DC VaV / DC R&D) - national project


Project co-funded by:                   European Regional Development Fund
Operational Programme:               Research and Development
Duration:                                     June 2009 – June 2014
Budget:                                       €33, 133 963.58

Strategic goal

To establish the Data Centre for Research and Development so that it has sufficient capacity to store and process the complex information essential for R&D in Slovakia and to provide auxiliary services. An infrastructure for electronic communications on R&D will also be included in these services. An infrastructure for instant access to these services and safety of the operation is of prime concern.

The Data Centre for Research and Development at Žilina University in Žilina with its back-up centre in Bratislava was officially opened in June 2010. It is a data storage facility equipped with high-speed computing technology which is capable of processing particularly large-capacity data sets.

The Department for Digitisation was established at the SCSTI within the framework of the project in May 2010. It is equipped with modern digitisation technology with subsequent processing of the digitised documents. It has the capacity to effectively digitise various types of documents including large-scale maps and plans to meet the requirements of the scientific community.

The Data Centre for Research and Development will facilitate the opportunity of research institutions to collaborate efficiently with their peers abroad as well as their social and industrial partners by means of deploying the transfer of knowledge and technology transfer.

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