National Information System for Supporting Research and Development in Slovakia – Access to Electronic Information Resources II (NISPEZ II) - national project

Project co-funded by:             European Regional Development Fund
Operational Programme:         Research and Development
8 191 848,51
Implementation:                     March 2013 – October 2015

Strategic aim of the project

The strategic goal of the project is, together with national project NISPEZ, to provide an information support to selected, most advanced Research and Development institutions in Slovakia, including provision of supporting and coherent activities. The mean of provided support is the centralised purchase of licenses (access) to the most important electronic information resources reflecting the current trends in the field of Open Access policies at worldwide level.

Specific objective of the project

Providing information support to most advanced R&D institutions in Slovakia.

Expected outcomes

Assurance of continual access to research databases from renowned producers for scientific community in Slovakia. Access of scientific institutions to specialised electronic information resources is essential for achieving requested efficiency of research and development activity and for generation of knowledge applicable in the praxis.

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