Technology transfer

The SCSTI contributes to technology transfer by establishing infrastructural pre-conditions for technology transfer within the framework of the NITT SK national project and by supporting academic institutions (i.e. Slovak state and public universities, Slovak Academy of Sciences and Slovak public research institutes) via state budget support in cases where support from the EU Structural Funds is not available.

The Technology Transfer Centre at SCSTI is involved in the following tasks at the national level:

-          builds and operates the National System for Supporting Technology Transfer, including support for establishing and development of local technology transfer centres

-          provides information and specialist support to R&D organisations in the process of technology transfer from intellectual property protection to commercialisation of research  outputs

-          bears responsibility for administration and operation of the National Portal for Technology Transfer


Miroslav Kubiš (Head of Branch)
Branch of Technology Transfer
Tel.: + 421 2 69 253 110
E-mail: miroslav.kubis(at)

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