A new research information system SK CRIS (CRIS = Current Research Information System) will become operational in 2012.

The SK CRIS system contains a database designed in compliance with European standards (CERIF data format). It stores data on research projects funded from public sources, data on research project outputs and the register of R&D organisations. It also includes a database of research personnel. Part of the system is administration of the evaluation of an organisation as to its competence to conduct R&D and statistical monitoring of organisation’s potential for R&D.

Further information

The SK CRIS system is being prepared within objective 4.1 of the NISPEZ national project National Information System for Supporting Research and Development in Slovakia – Access to Electronic Information Resources (NISPEZ). NISPEZ is an R&D operational programme project subsidised / co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


Danica Zendulková (Head of Department)
National Centre for the Popularisation of S&T in Society
Department of Administration and Operation of Portal 
Tel.: + 421 2 69 253 133
Mobile: 0918 976 304
E-mail: danica.zendulkova(at)

Daniel Mažári
Branch of Development of Information Systems
Department of Application Software Support
Tel.: + 421 2 69 253 177
E-mail: daniel.mazari(at)

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