PATLIB, the centre for patent information at the SCSTI is a contact point for the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic. Its chief role is to provide scientific researchers and the public with fundamental information on industrial property protection by patents, utility models, trademarks and designs in Slovakia and abroad.

As a member of the PATLIB centres network established by the European Patent Office (EPO), the PATLIB centre at the SCSTI is supplied free of charge with the full texts of published European patent applications, European patents granted, international patent applications published and research databases on CD ROMs and DVDs, official journals and other documents.

Since 2010, the PATLIB centre at the SCSTI, as the sole centre in Slovakia, has been involved in the Re-orientation of the patent information centres - pilot project with the aim of their providing a wider range of support and auxiliary services aimed at intellectual property protection and commercialisation of patents.  

Services provided by the PATLIB centre at CVTI SR

-        Sophisticated retrieval/research services including informative reports (interpretations of results)

-        Statistical analyses of patents (trends, competition, markets)

-        Patent monitoring: technologies, competition

-        Evaluation of commercial potential of inventions

-        Services related to commercialisation of technologies and formulation of strategies in 
         intellectual property protection

-        Educational services (training, seminars)



Lenka Bednárová (Head of Department)
Branch of Technology Transfer
Department of Information Support for Technology Transfer
Tel.: + 421 2 69 253 110
E-mail: lenka.bednarova(at)

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