Interregional Network of Technology Centres

Project co-funded by:                   European Regional Development Fund
Operational Programme:               Interregional Cooperation SK - AT
Duration:                                     March 2012 – June 2014
Budget:                                       €1,081,019.33, of which €150,000 is budget of SCSTI

The SMART>Net project with its subtitle “Interregional Network of Technology Centres” is directly related to the main strategies of programmed development in the border areas between Austria and Slovakia. The objective of the project is to support the regional economy based on knowledge and innovation and to increase the attraction of these regions as sites for establishing and developing firms and companies. The project aims at contributing to the competitiveness of these companies and to an increase in the qualifications and competence of the regional human resources.


Ľubomír BILSKÝ
+421 2 69253 103

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