Programme: Intereg CENTRAL EUROPE

Project title: ALTRUISTIC ENTREPRENEUR, CE sustainable model to support social entrepreneurship (CE RESPONSIBLE)

Coordinator: E-Institute - Institute for comprehensive Development solutions (SI)

Duration of the project: April 2019 - March 2022

Budget for a project:   € 2.305.950,00

Budget for Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information:  € 191.425,00

Interreg Central Europe project ALTRUISTIC ENTREPRENEUR, CE sustainable model to support social entrepreneurship aims to improve skills and entrepreneurial competences for advancing economic and social innovation in Central Europe. It is primarily motivated by the lack of long-term support for social entrepreneurs.

The implementation of project activities is planned for the period from April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2022. Project value is 2.305.950,00 € and project is supported by the INTERREG Central Europe Programme of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Total co-financing amounts is 1.913.507,50 €. Project consortium includes project partners from Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.

Innovativeness of proposed approach is based on mobilization of successful entrepreneurs’ willingness to support social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Those socially responsible and altruistic entrepreneurs in CE who would like to offer their resources to social entrepreneurs and are genuinely altruistic would create a self-sustainable framework for reaching their goals, in cooperation with social entrepreneurs.

It is driven by ambition to change the current situation of most partner countries where social entrepreneurship depends mainly on public funds to a model where successful private entrepreneurs will have supporting role. Through altruistic entrepreneurs’ funds, work and knowledge, social entrepreneurs will get quality support, while altruistic entrepreneurs will get an organized system to provide support. Consequently, both key target groups will reach their goals, by cooperating together. This will also be a positive change for the whole system because social entrepreneurship usually mostly depends on public funds and this way the government would be able to save or relocate funds. 

The project will allow a transnational mutual learning process of partners with different experiences, but similar challenges. During this project the partners will:

  • Develop and implement three strategic documents for improving skills and competences
    • CE roadmap for upscaling support to social entrepreneurship sector
    • CE sustainable framework model supporting specifics of social entrepreneurship 
    • Policy recommendations
  • Develop and implement four tools for improving skills and competences
    • CE support and networking platform with related tools
    • Altruistic entrepreneurs’ international association
    • Coaching toolbox for social entrepreneurs
    • Coaching toolbox for altruistic entrepreneurs (mentors)
  • Implement seven pilot actions for testing developed bottom-up support tools

Partners at a glance:

  • E-Institute - Institute for comprehensive Development solutions (SI)
  • Metropolitan City of Bologna (IT)
  • Ikosom – Institute for communication and social media (DE)
  • Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna (IT)
  • Brodoto (CR)
  • Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SK)
  • Centre for Economic and Regional Studies - Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HU)
  • Municipality of Kielce/Kielce Technology Park (PL)
  • South Bohemian Agency for Support to Innovative Enterprising (CZ)
  • University of Applied Sciences Salzburg (AT)
  • Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HU)


Lead partner:


E-zavod, anja(at)ezavod.si / www.ezavod.si

Slovak partner contact:


CVTI SR, matej.smrek(at)cvtisr.sk

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