SET Plan 2016 - CEEC X

Programme: HORIZONT 2020

Coordination and support action

Project title: Strategic Energy Technology Plan 2016 - Central European Energy Conference X

Coordinator: Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information

Duration of the project: June 2016 - April 2017

Budget for Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information:             € 75 468,75

Short description of the project: 

The SET Plan conference 2016 conjoined with the 10th annual Central European Energy Conference (CEEC X) will be part of the Official Program of the Slovak Presidency in the EU Council in the second half of 2016 (SK PRES 2016).

The conference aims to examine the process of accelerating the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies and the creation of the European Energy Union, focusing on research and innovation strategy. Its ambition is to improve the visibility of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan and Energy Union, to identify policy options and priorities and to plan future actions.

Contact: anna.krivjanska(at)


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