Schola LUDUS online

Project co-funded by:                   APVV  research and development funding agency
Operational Programme:               APVV - LPP
Duration:                                     September 2009 – August 2012
Budget:                                       €70, 000

SCHOLA LUDUS online portal is intended as a virtual science-popularising and educational centre for all who like discovery and would like to learn creative skills and communications in science and research and technology effectively and who seek to acquire knowledge from various disciplines of science.

The portal will provide access to new “hot cases“ which will appear to be simple, but which are real and provocative. They will be developed in original interactive SCHOLA LUDUS formats: black box format; a complex learning case; interactive exhibition and others, a deeper understanding of which inevitably leads to surprises.

The first package is intended for those whose knowledge in natural history is at the level of general secondary school education.

Young users of the portal of the virtual science centre are expected to gain a positive attitude towards a deeper understanding and belief in the importance of science to nature and society as expressed in the Latin motto of the  SCHOLA LUDUS civic society: Sapientia ad Naturam et Humanitatem – By wisdom to nature and humanity.


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