Information on Education and Education System

The SSTIC is responsible for processing and provision of comprehensive information on behalf of the area of education (primary, secondary and higher education) and its financing, evaluation of activities of educational institutions, organizations working in the field of youth and sports, organizations dealing with the prevention  of social-pathological phenomena and institutions active in the field of further training and their programs and activities.


Regional education
  • Register of schools and school facilities, including data on kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, special schools, school facilities and schools ́ founders register
  • Register of centers for practical training
  • Forecasting of indicators development in education
  • Analyses of university graduates unemployment
  • Application of university graduates in practice
  • Secondary school Scholarships
  • Development of regional education informatization (

University education
  • Register of universities, faculties and university departments
  • List of study fields and programs of university education
  • University admission procedure
  • Analyses of university indicators development
  • Evidence of university students
  • Social and economic conditions of university students
  • ACADEMIA – magazine informing about higher education and science

Youth and Sport
processing of information on subjects, activities, programs, services provided to young people for their protection and support, improving the living conditions and personal development. Processing of information on entities active in the field of physical culture and activities in this area.
  • Research in this field and prevention of drug addiction
  • Register of Centers of pedagogical and psychological counseling and prevention
  • PREVENCIA – magazine for the prevention of socio-pathological phenomena in the education sector
  • MLÁDEŽ A SPOLOČNOSŤ (Youth and Society) – magazine focused on issues of state policy and research in the field of youth.
Economics and Financing of Education
  • Information on financing of education, monitoring and processing of information in the area of educational funding.
Further education
  • Registry of institutions providing further education in Slovakia.
Museums of Education
  • Museum of Education and Pedagogy in Bratislava (
Mission of the museum is to collect, process and preserve, scientifically evaluate and present material documents related to the history of education and teaching in Slovakia as national cultural heritage.
  • Museum of Special Education in Levoča (
Mission of the museum is to document the development of special education and special institutions in the Slovak Republic with aim to illustrate basic problems of disabled people, their education and training, their overall status and adequate integration in society.


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