Information resources

The library’s collections accord with the statutes of the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information which declare that the SCSTI acquires, processes, maintains and provides access to both paper and electronic collections of documents within the technical category and some categories of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities from Slovakia and abroad. In addition, the collections are supplemented by selected documents of other technology-related categories.

Library collection Depository resources* / external electronic  information resources

company literature
patent documents

EU documents
OECD documents ....
EBOR documents ....
WIPO documents ....

 * (based on authorisation) 

Part of the collection is so-called grey literature (theses, research reports, conference proceedings etc.) on all types of media.

Gabriela Miklánková (Head of Branch)
Section for Library and Information Activities
Branch of Library Collections and Information Resources
Tel.: + 421 2 69 253 121

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