Emerging communities for collective innovation in Central Europe

Project co-funded by:                   European Regional Development Fund
Operational Programme:               Central Europe
Duration:                                     September 2012 – December 2014
Budget:                                       €1,797,518.15 of which €152,472.48 is budget of SCSTI

CentralCommunity will be based on the results of the FP7 Research for SMEs Associations Collective project: Emerging communities for collective innovation - ICT Operational tool and supporting methodologies for SME Associations. iCommunity will be customised to the needs of the Central Europe industrial environment and will focus on a sectorial cluster: life sciences, which include not only biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc. but also those sectors where innovation in life sciences can be most easily applied, such as bioeconomy, health, drugs and food production, cosmetics and environment. These sectors are becoming increasingly important for the countries of Central Europe, which is why collaboration and interaction among actors in the different areas is to be facilitated through innovative ICT tools. The CentralCommunity project aims at piloting and testing the platform under real conditions in the context of Central European innovation players to support eco-sustainable innovation.


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