Course on Librarian's Essentials

The re-qualification course Course on Librarian’s Essentials is intended for library staff who have completed a secondary school or university education not specialising in library sciences and also those who work in information centres.

The course is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic. Participants who complete the educational course and pass the final exam will be presented with a certificate valid in Slovakia.

The course, which lasts 10 working days, consists of 50 hours of theoretical lectures and 17 hours of practical training. Participants are provided with information and learning materials.

Course fee:

  • course:  €95.20  VAT incl. paid after confirmation of the candidate’s application by the organiser of the course 
  • exam:   €11.90  VAT incl.

Accommodation and meals are not included in the course fee. These are to be paid individually or by the attendee’s employer.

The course fee is determined in compliance with Act NC SR on Prices no. 18/96 Coll. The SCSTI is a VAT payer. 


Guarantor       Jana Kasáková
Manager         Mária Vajgelová

Mária Vajgelová
Section for Library and Information Activities
Office for Methodology and Statistics
Tel.: + 421 2 69 253 160

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